Thursday, April 17, 2014

Some school work

These are some paintings from Situation and environment class.. :)

And these are from my Fig. Studio class

Till next time.. :)

More doodles

So blessed

WIP of my new project.. I got an opportunity to paint a mural for an ice cream store named The Loards at Hilltop mall in East Bay Area.. :)

I will post more updates about this project.. :]

Doodle 04.04.14

Here are some sketches that I did at Stonestown Galleria food court

Hope you like it! :DD

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


More fig. drawings and paintings.. Some proportion are off but I'm happy with my improvement in life drawing.. :))

WIP of my friend's portrait.. 

I was struggling with the color temperature.. So I did couple color studies.. :)

This is the painting.. Still need couple more adjustments.. 

 BUT her hands are my favorite part.. :) 

Overall i'm happy with the progress I made this semester.. Gotta keep learning.. ;)
Hope you like it..!