Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ThanksGiving Project

Hi all… 
This year thanksgiving, I've been given an opportunity to lead decoration team for my church Thanksgiving retreat.. Since the theme is about togetherness, my friend came up with concept of Together Through All Season.. 

This project would not be successful without miracles and favor of God and help from a lot of people..
For this project we decided to cover up 20' x 10' wall with paintings.. In order to make easy for transporting the paintings, we divided it into 24 pieces of 30"x 40" foam board.. It was my mistake that I wanted to paint it on foam board directly forgetting that it will be bowing (not flat) once the paintings were dry which will make the installation impossible.. I wanted to return all the foam boards but it's too late.. some were drawn already.. I asked a lot of people and did research how to make it worked but there was no way to make it flat.. they said gesso-ing the back of the painting only help a little but not much.. 

Since we only have 2 weeks left to finish 24 30" x 40" paintings, we could only start to paint.. So I divided the job for three groups.. However, the week when my group was about to start the paintings, I would be out of town for CTN (Creattive Talent Network). I was sooo worried that it won't finish on time but thank God some of my friends decided to come and help out with the paintings.. I was so touched when i knew about it.. It wasn't easy for them to find the exact color that i had in color roughs, but they did their best and when I came back it was half way painted already.. They stayed really late at my house to paint.. the other two groups also struggling to finish their part on time.. After two weeks of work day n night, we finally done with the painting on time.. 

The next thing to think about was the installation.. By faith, we painted the back with a lot gesso and put a lot of weigh on top of it hoping that it would make the painting flat.. we pray really hard that somehow God would make the gesso work extra well and make the painting flat and easy to be installed.. Indeed, God answered our prayer.. It WORKED..!! The painting was flat even more flat than when we first bought it.. So there was no problem delivering it to the hotel where we had our retreat.. The installation was a bit of problem, the boards started to bowing a little especially the top row.. because it was too high up.. we were unable to reach and stapled gun it to the wall.. but thank God the paintings stayed on the wall for 2 nights 3 days.. Indeed by our own strength it was impossible, but with God nothing is IMPOSSIBLE..! :)

I wanna say thank you to Sendy Kurniawan ( who visualized the rough idea into beautiful drawings and also my friends from IFGF Pinole can't name them one by one - it will be too long.. they had helped with the paintings inspite of their busyness and finals.. Some of them are not even in art related major but still they chose to come and help out.. and last but not least thanks to IFGF SF for awesome lighting.. 

 I'm so grateful and blessed..  =') 

So here is what we do: 

by Sendy Kurniawan

The color roughs I came up with:

The installation:

This is the final look:

Size 20' x 10' 

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