Monday, March 11, 2013

Sneak Peak of my First Book

Last Summer, I got a chance to illustrate mini series book titled the Frog Prince by Ailin Iwan...
Here are some of the inside art piece from the book.. :)

Hope you enjoy it..!! If it gets published, i will for sure let you all know.. ^^

Thank you for visiting!!

Take care,
Joan Wirolinggo

The Chronicle of Narnia

When the other children woke up next morning (they had been sleeping on piles of cushions in the pavilion) the first thing they heard -from Mrs Beaver - was that their brother had been rescued and brought into camp late last night; and was at that moment with Aslan. As soon as they had breakfasted, they all went out, and there they saw Aslan and Edmund walking together in the dewy grass, apart from the rest of the court. There is no need to tell you (and no one ever heard) what Aslan was saying, but it was a conversation which Edmund never forgot. As the others drew nearer Aslan turned to meet them, bringing Edmund with him.

 "Here is your brother," he said, "and - there is no need to talk to him about what is past."