Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mother's day Greeting Card

Die Cut Greeting card that I make for all the mothers esp. my mom who has been there to love me and always support me.. :) 
Love you, Mom!

Here is the front look of my card 

these images will go inside of the card.. this is the place where you can leave your message.. :) 

The envelope for this card 

This how it looks with the die cut.. :)

Bellow are my color roughs.. I tried to use Acrylic for the first one (the top).. but it doesn't work.. (-___-)
So i decided to go back to watercolor.. :))

these are the thumbs for the card.. :)


  1. this is great! im glad you put up progression too! very well done Joan!

  2. Hey where have you been Wirolinggo? Very nice work. Sweet.

    1. Thanks Mushk and Kike.. :DD
      Sorry for the late update... :(
      But i just post new works hope you guys like it too..

  3. Very nice work. Sweet.well done you. Gift Card envelopes.
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  4. That was a great mother's day cards! Perfect for this coming occasion meant for moms. It will be more special with mothers day messages that are heartfelt and came frm the heart. Happy Mother's Day to all great moms around the world!